Metal detectors

Quality metal detectors, X-ray and checkweighers by CASSEL


  • Reliable quality inspection systems
  • Protect production machinery against damage by undiscovered metal parts
  • Protect products agains incidental contamination with metal particles
  • Application industries: food, pharma, aggregate & mining, forestry, plastic, wood panel board, etc.
  • METAL SHARK: variety of metal detectors depending on their feed mechanism: conveyor, pipe or gravity feed
  • X-RAY SHARK: variety of x-ray detectors with integrated conveyor belt
  • WEIGH SHARK: precise automatic checkweighers for checking the weight of packaged products, optional reject system
  • Digital controllers METAL SHARK 1 and METAL SHARK 2A
  • User-friendly operation, easy cleaning and maintenance, Ethernet and USB interface, built-in remote maintenance